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Seller Tips

Pricing your home correctly 

REALTORS are familiar with the housing market and can make sure you are asking the right price for your home. Properly priced homes typically sell quickly. Finding the right buyer. Real estate professionals have access to a multitude of buyers. They know the market and can direct serious buyers to your home.

Developing effective marketing strategy

Real estate professionals can market your home through a vast amount of resources including signage, Internet and networking. They know to list your home in the most appealing way-bringing out your home's best selling features. Interpreting paperwork. Real estate professionals can handle all of the paperwork and decipher real estate jargon to both buyers and sellers.

Watching the market

REALTORS have access to Multiple Listing Service-a database with all of the available housing information.
Alleviating stress. Real estate professional take away the stress and time consuming components of selling your home. You won't have to deal with all the phone calls from buyers or worry about showing your home and "making the sale."
Negotiating-real estate professionals will act as a go-between for you and a potential buyer. As experts, they will ensure that you are getting the best deal possible and save you a lot of headaches associated with negotiating an offer.

The Psychological Aspects of Selling Your Home

Tips to ease the emotional issues associated with selling your home:

  • Think of your home as a product you are trying to sell.

  • Ask yourself-is it really the home you are having trouble leaving or is it the memories? Most likely it's the memories, and you can take those with you wherever you move.

  • Familiarize yourself and any children with your new location as much as possible before moving-this will make the entire transition easier and give you a comfortable feeling about where you're going.

  • Leave your home when a potential buyer comes for a showing. A buyer may not be as complimentary about your home as you would like them to be.

Consider Curb Appeal & Appearance

  • First impressions, both inside and outside, are extremely important. Homebuyers like homes that make them feel like they can move right in.

  • Homes that will need a lot of redecorating often feel like too much work for a potential homebuyer.

  • Homes that feel welcoming attract more offers.

  • Neutralize your home's color palette. Neutral shades of paint and carpet can make a home look newer and cleaner. Darker shades are usually very personal choices and don't appeal to all people.

  • Make your home look more spacious. Rearrange furniture, open curtains and blinds and clean out closets.

  • Eliminate clutter in your home. Remove stacks of old newspapers or magazines and stow away extra toys, books and clothing.

  • Repair maintenance problems. Fix leaky faucets, peeling paint and replace burned-out light bulbs.

  • Clean and freshen your home. Eliminate carpet stains, wash the walls and windows and install subtle air fresheners.

  • Remove litter boxes and pet food and water bowls when showing your home-they can attract unwanted odors and attention.

Buying and Selling Simultaneously

What to do when you are looking to move and you're not sure which should come first - buying your new home or selling your existing home:

  • Communicate with your REALTOR; so he/she knows your needs and your timeframe.
  • Carefully calculate your financial needs, preparing for a worse case scenario.
  • Ask your REALTOR; about possible buyback programs.
  • Investigate bridge or short-term loans options for paying both mortgages.
  • Determine if the purchase of your new home is contingent on the sale of your existing home.
  • Determine if you can afford two mortgage payments.
  • Decide how much time you will need to leave your existing home upon accepting an offer.
  • Investigate temporary housing.

Home Improvements That Pay

How can you make your home a better investment? If planning to sell your home and you had only enough money for one improvement, which would give you the greatest return? In other words, what home improvement would give you the most "bang" for your buck? A new kitchen? A new bathroom? Landscaping? Finishing the basement? Painting inside or out? Will any of these improvements pay for themselves in raising the value of your home? The answer(s) might surprise you. Here, in order of their cost recovery, pay back, return on investment, however you want to phrase it, are the top ten improvements you can make to your home in preparation for placing it on the market (all costs are based on professional labor):

  1. New vinyl siding
  2. Deluxe bathroom (ceramic flooring, wainscoting, water-saver toilet, deluxe vanity, new medicine cabinet, fittings, etc.)
  3. Basement conversion (vinyl flooring, paneling, suspended ceiling, closet under stairs, light fixtures, trim, etc.) 
  4. Landscaping
  5. Furnace replacement
  6. Kitchen facelift
  7. Standard bathroom
  8. Central air
  9. Exterior painting
  10. Interior facelift

If you want your home to be a good investment, you must maintain that investment to achieve the highest market value when it comes time to sell. For more information on the changes, large and small, you can make, contact Keeler Family Realtors.

When your home isn't selling

You've put your home on the market, hoping and expecting a quick sale. You've had a spate of showings, but no offers. You've held an open house -- or several -- and still no offers. Weeks pass. What little response there was seems to be dwindling with your hopes . . .Why? Why does a perfectly nice home not sell? Here are five reasons, any one, or any combination of which, may be at the root of the problem.
Re-examine Your Market

  • Check the Condition of Your Property
  • Location, Location, Location
  • Re-evaluate Your Marketing Plan
  • Price, Price, Price

These are just a few of the tips that can help you sell your home. The best tip is to contact your Keeler Family Realtor today and see the difference they can make.