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Buyer Tips


When working with an agent at Keeler Family Realtors, we like to get to know you, and more specifically, your property wants and needs. That knowledge is the key to helping you find your perfect home. Here are some things we will ask you to consider:

  • Do I have - and will continue to have - a steady income?

  • Can I add a mortgage payment (or a higher mortgage payment) to my current debt load?

  • Will I be able to make a down payment and how much will that be?

  • Do I have time to devote to buying a home right now?

  • Do I need more space?

For first-time home buyers, there are additional questions to think about:

  • Can I afford both the mortgage and other expenses, such as electric, water/sewer, repair and maintenance costs?

  • Do I plan to live in the house long enough to build equity?

  • How will I take care of a house - including responsibilities like mowing the lawn and repairing my property each spring?

Evaluate Your Needs and Wants:

We will always try to save you time. A great first step that saves a ton of time down the road is to determine your WANTS vs. your NEEDS. It’s not an easy step, but we’re here to help you differentiate between the two.

Examples of NEEDS:

  • Enough square footage for comfortable living

  • Enough bedrooms to accommodate your family

  • Adequate number of bathrooms

  • Eat-in kitchen

  • Garage or basement for storage needs

  • Lot size to accommodate children's play area

Examples of WANTS:

  • Carpeting color, paint color, exterior color, roof color, etc.

  • Pool or Jacuzzi (unless for medical reasons)

  • Wood floors

  • Bay windows

  • Built-in entertainment center

  • Skylights

Determining Your Budget:

Speaking with a mortgage company or broker should be one of the first steps in the process. You’ll need to provide them with a lot of details of your current financial picture, which is a crucial exercise for all

potential home buyers. Contact multiple lenders to investigate your loan options (loan amount and interest rate) and then obtain your pre-qualification.

Buying and Selling Simultaneously:

Wrapping your head around how to buy a new house when you’ll need to sell your old house can be a challenge in itself. Which should come first - buying your new home or selling your existing home? You’re not alone! We’ve helped hundreds of clients navigate this exact situation.

  • Communicate with your Keeler Family REALTOR® so he/she knows your needs and your timeframe.

  • Carefully calculate your financial needs, preparing for a worst case scenario.

  • Ask your Keeler Family REALTOR® about possible buyback programs.

  • Investigate bridge or short-term loans options for paying both mortgages.

  • Determine if the purchase of your new home will be contingent on the sale of your existing home.

  • Determine if you can afford two mortgage payments.

  • Decide how much time you will need to leave your existing home upon accepting an offer.

  • Investigate temporary housing.

Our clients are members of our Family, and we can’t wait to share our experience and knowledge with you. Contact Us today!