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How To Succeed In Real Estate

You're so hyped because you graduated from real estate school, passed your State and Federal real estate exam, earned your real estate license, and just signed with your first real estate brokerage! Congratulations! 

You've got your desk all set up with a cool fake plant you bought at HomeGoods. You sit in your comfy chair, open up your laptop, ready to help your community buy and sell real estate, but now what?! You’re stumped and need to figure out how to run a successful business, but do not fret, here are 3 pillars to succeeding in your first year of real estate:

The CEO must show up to the company for the company to succeed. If the CEO doesn't show up to the company the company will fail. If you are going to be a successful real estate agent you need to work on scaling your business every single day for your business to grow. 

Whether you are making multiple social media posts, utilizing floor time, sending mailers, or attending networking events, you have to be doing something to scale your business everyday. As long as you are doing something consistently you will see success. Always remember the CEO must show up to the company. 

When you start a business and are trying to scale your business it doesn't just happen and it's not just luck. Being a successful real estate agent means you are sacrificing time with friends, family your evenings and most weekends. Building your business is like a sculptor chiseling away at a beautiful statue. Both take considerable time, work, and consistency. 

Being a real estate agent is a fun job, it takes work, and the rewards are gratifying. Once your business is built you will be able to continue scaling, find a happy medium, or maybe even start investing in real estate. All things worth achieving take consistency, hard work, and a dream.

A golden rule to being a successful real estate agent is to remember you are on demand. In a fast paced industry slow does not work and if you're not getting fast high-quality results for your clients they will bounce and go somewhere else.

This means when a client wants a showing you get them in the house as soon as you can. When a client wants information you send it to them as fast as you can and follow up verifying they received it. When your client wants to write an offer you drop everything you are doing and draft the offer. Being on demand will put you in the top ranks of real estate agents because the market wants results now. 

Following these three pillars in your first year of real estate will help you scale your business and separate you from the pack. As long as the CEO shows up to the company, you put in the time, and are on the ball the only other factor that will equate to success is time. So now it's time to get to work, focus on our why, and remain patient!

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