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Budget-Friendly Ways to Upgrade Your Home Office

Real Estate Blog Budget-Friendly Ways to Upgrade Your Home Office

Working from home is more common than ever, so a productive home office space is a must! Whether you already have a home office or you've been thinking about creating one in your home, these tips will help transform your work space!

A few affordable ways to turn any space into an office, or, to give your current space an upgrade:

1. Designate your space

Upgrade Your Home Office!

We totally get it! It can be tough to designate a room/space for an office. The dining room table, couch, kitchen counter - these all become our offices from time to time! But it's important to designate a specific area for your work to help stay organized and focused.

If you don't have an entire room to designate for your office, take a look at your house layout and find (or make) space for a desk! If your office is the shared family computer space, make sure you carve out an area for just you and your work, keep it organized, and label if necessary. 

2. Add a Standing Desk Space

If you have enough space, add a standing desk in addition to your sitting desk. Rotating between sitting and standing throughout the day will keep your spine and muscles healthy! It can also prevent drowsiness. If you're not used to standing and working, try incorporating the standing desk slowly - 1 hour per day, then increase as you can.


2. Add Inspiration

Add your favorite quotes, sayings, or anything that inspires and motivates you. These positive, productive vibes will help pick you up when you're feeling uninspired. These can be: paintings, pictures, family pictures, notes, framed quotes...anything!


3. A New Chair

If you work at your desk most of the day, a comfortable chair is essential for back support. There are many affordable ergonomic chairs that will provide ample support for you throughout the day, and you can find a variety of colors for a pop of fun in your office!

Nice office chairs can be expensive, however, if you search in the right spots, you can find great ergonomic chairs for an affordable price:



4. Add Plants

Plants are beneficial for a variety of reasons: they're attractive, help clean the air, boost creativity, and help reduce stress! Add a few small succulents or pops of colorful flowers on your desk or shelves. 

Tip: If you're allergic to plants or can't have them for other reasons, there are many faux succulents, flowers, and other plants that you can purchase on Amazon!

(Photo: Faux Succulents)


5. Get a Label Maker

If you decide to organize and store away items, it's best to label everything - out of sight, out of mind! 

Tip: You'll use label makers for a variety of other things in your home: kitchen jars, storage bins and boxes, spices, houseplants, gift tags, closet shelves, and so much more!

6. Add Shelves and Storage (with Labels)

Fix a cluttered desk with a few shelves and extra storage. If you have a small space, or bare walls, add floating shelves to fill up empty space and add more storage.

TIP: We all know when we put things in drawers, we may forget about them - remember, out of sight, out of mind! Adding labels can be a quick way to remind your brain of what's inside. 

Or build your own shelves and storage (click on the picture to be redirected to plans):

7. Add More Lamps & Light

Light makes a space feel productive and helps avoid drowsiness. Especially if your office doesn't have any windows, add a few lamps and use warm tones (easy on the eyes).

Spruce up the space by adding new or vintage lamps and lampshades. If a space looks bright, you're more likely to feel awake, focused, and productive! You'd be surprised at how much light can affect your mood. 

8. Oil Diffuser

The best part about working from home is being able to make your office smell the way you want! Essential oils and blends can be used to help focus, keep calm, and alleviate stress.

"Work-enhancing" oils include: Grapefruit (focus), Rosemary (concentration), Lemongrass (energy), Clove (comforting), Lavender (stress), and Peppermint (energy). 

While essential oils can be costly, there are many affordable, all-natural oils and variety boxes on Amazon.

9. Add YOUR Decor 

This may seem like a given, but we don't just mean any decor you have. Hang or place items that mean something to you, things you love, trinkets that catch your eye - things that makes you feel good. Having things in your office that make you happy will help make the space feel like a place you want to be and enjoy!



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