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Budget-Friendly Home Improvements That Increase Home Value

Real Estate Blog Budget-Friendly Home Improvements Increase Home Value

When selling your home, making it look attractive to buyers is one of the first steps to a quick sell. While a quick sale is great, selling your home for as much money as possible (while still on a budget) is next level!

Big home improvements can be costly and time consuming, but there are many affordable updates you can tackle on your own that will make your home more appealing and desirable on the market. This may mean more money in your pocket when it comes to closing time!

**Note that making any kind of small improvements to your home could increase the value of your home. As you make upgrades, both big and small, the desirability and value may also increase. 

Updates in the Kitchen:

Spruce Up Your Backsplash

If you have a boring backsplash and want a cheap update, there are affordable peel & stick tiles or overlays found on Etsy. Upgrading your backsplash will add instant appeal and can completely change the look of your entire kitchen! Check out these awesome peel and stick tiles on Etsy:


RePaint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Sure, this is a daunting one, but we all know how important kitchens are for buyers! Your kitchen has been well lived-in (and loved) and there are probably many memories, stains, and scratches that you may not notice, but buyers will.

Replacing the entire kitchen can be extremely expensive, but a DIY fresh coat of paint on your cabinets will make your kitchen feel new - something all potential buyers want! 

Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

After you have newly painted cabinets, add new hardware. This is one of the best ways to upgrade your kitchen on a budget because it adds instant appeal. You can find affordable cabinet hardware at Home Depot

Change Out Your Kitchen Lighting

New decorative lights in the kitchen will instantly update the space and make your kitchen feel new and inviting. There are many affordable pendant lights at Home Depot for under $50, or, check your local thrift store, as you can sometimes find awesome vintage chandeliers, pendants, or other kitchen lighting!

If you're in New Hampshire, check out Revived Furniture & Home Decor. It's a great family business and they have very unique, vintage lighting for affordable prices! Check them out HERE.

$29.00 at Revived Furniture & Home Decor


Laundry Space Upgrades:

Most buyers look for a decent laundry space during their home search. While it may not be a deal-breaker in some cases, it never hurts to give it a little upgrade. Here are a few ways to upgrade your laundry space:

Add storage and/or shelves

If you have a large laundry room, add storage and shelving in blank spaces. If you have a laundry closet, add shelves in any space you have left :-)

Laundry Room Shelving or Cabinet

Add a Decorative Rod For Clothes - This is a cheap way to make your laundry space feel complete. Find a decorative curtain rod, or, install a hanging/shelve system!


Bathroom Upgrades:

Replacing an entire bathroom can cost you thousands, but there are many upgrades you can make on a smaller budget:

Change out the vanity

No, it's not as expensive as you think! You can find very affordable vanities at Home Depot for under $200! If you want a pop of color, purchase an unfinished wood vanity and paint it the color of your choice!

Add Storage, Medicine Cabinet, or Mirror

Buyers LOVE storage, so you can never have enough. Adding additional shelving, a medicine cabinet, or storage mirror in the bathroom will add instant appeal when buyers start exploring the home in person. In addition, if you have a small bathroom, a storage mirror will be a big bonus. You can find affordable storage mirrors and medicine cabinets at Home Depot

For powder rooms, add a decorative mirror to make the space feel spacious and inviting. You can find very affordable, decorative mirrors at TJ Maxx, Home Goods, & Marshalls!

Adding storage can be as simple as floating shelves or hanging cabinets (things that will stay with the home when you sell).

Update the Shower Head 

Adding a large, new shower head can make the shower, and entire bathroom, feel updated and new! Even better, this is an easy installation and DIY! You can find affordable shower heads at Home Depot or Lowes. 

Other Upgrades:

Update Your Closets

If your closets are boring and basic, you can upgrade the look of every closet in your home with a few budget-friendly changes! Adding additional storage, and optimizing space in all closets is key - we basically don't want to just be able to hang things.

Remember, buyers love storage! In bedroom closets, add extra clothing and shoe storage with shelving or install a DIY clothing system. These systems (shown below) can be found for under $200 and will instantly attract buyers when they open closet doors to explore! Add similar shelving and storage in coat closets!

Update The Thermostat

If you have central heat and air, this is a great way to make the home feel "new" to buyers. Especially in older or out-dated homes, when you have new technology, it helps make the home feel updated throughout.

A Nest Thermostat is very popular these days, and it can be purchased for under $200! Make sure to do your research and ensure you're purchasing a thermostat that works with your current systems. 


Last but certainly not least, clean your home! Making your home spotless may not increase the value of your home drastically, but a dirty house will decrease the value - food for thought!


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