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Excitement or Fear? How To Have Peace Of Mind When Pricing Your Home

Blog Post: How to Have Peace of Mind When Pricing Your Home

Featured Agent Article Written by KFR REALTOR®: David Lovlien


You are about to place your beloved home on the market, your REALTOR® called you yesterday about placing a sign on the front lawn, but you are filled with fear because you are unsure about the selling price.


First off, don’t panic and take a deep breath. Feeling nervous about selling your home is normal. Every Seller that I know wants to make sure they they receive top dollar for their casa in this booming real estate market.


The first step to making sure your home is priced right is by hiring a quality REALTOR® that you trust. You may like your REALTOR® but if you do not trust them how can you be sure that your home is priced right?

Trusting your REALTOR® is crucial to a smooth transaction. Your REALTOR® is the professional that has experience making deals in your market, has scoured the MLS data to see what comparable properties are going for, and is a master negotiator and marketeer.

Unless you have extensive experience, training, and licensing in the real estate industry, you need to rely on your REALTOR® to price your home. Not listening to your REALTOR® would be like going into court without an attorney. The result is you lose. Your REALTOR® wants you to win big on the successful sale of your home because that’s who we are.

A quality REALTOR® who knows the market is going to crunch the numbers using a comparative market analysis, run the CMA by their team for an extensive review, and reveal to you the best price to list your home. This is the price you should sell your home for if you trust your REALTOR®.

By Pricing your home strategically and at market value you are only receiving 60% of Buyer viewership in the market place. Many Sellers are astounded when they hear this Statistic.

Before consulting with a REALTOR® many Sellers think they are getting near 100% of Buyer viewership, but they are wildly mistaken. By listing your home for only 10% above the market value, you are eliminating your Buyer viewership in half leaving your home to only be viewed by about 30% of Buyers (Not good).

By listing your home 10% below market value you are going to receive around 75% of Buyer viewership. This can be a great strategy especially if inventory is tight which may lead to a bidding war. During a bidding war, you may likely receive more money than you are originally asking as Buyers compete for your home.

If your home is priced right the offers will roll in during this sizzling hot Seller’s market here in the 603. There will be no need to have any fear as you have trusted your REALTOR® and know you are going to sell your home for top dollar! 

Warmest regards,

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