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Blog :: 04-2020

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How to Own a Home for Cheap!

How to Own a Home for Cheap!

Affordable Housing

If you can not afford a home for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you want to get out of your Mom’s basement, off your friend’s couch, or out of your stingy landlord’s apartment, you CAN!

Many people are scared away from purchasing a home because they are under the impression they are going to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, when in reality they do not have to.


There are three main routes you can go to find affordable housing:

1) Location, Location, Location!

The first route one can go to find affordable housing is to look in locations where housing demand is low. In areas where there is a low demand for housing, the buyer often has leverage come negotiation, and can score a much better deal than in areas with high demand.

In low demand areas, homes are often priced for a lot less than in high demand areas. The Buyer can always ask for more money off the list price and negotiate a winning deal through their REALTOR®. To find these low demand areas you will need to rely on the knowledge and expertise of your REALTOR®. 

2. For the love of condos

The second route you can go to find affordable housing is by looking into condominiums. There are a plethora of condos that are under $200,000 and there are some under $100,000. When looking at condos in this price range, people often find that their mortgage payment is less or the same as their current rental payment.

Condos are also great for people that like the low maintenance requirements of a rental but want the benefits of homeownership. If you own a condo and you have a leaky faucet, you’re probably going to have to hire your own plumber to correct the issue, but your condo association often covers many other expenses. Depending on the condo, the association may maintain and upkeep the outside structure, the land, gardens, shrubberies, snow plowing, walkways, trash, common areas, pool, clubhouse, fitness center, and other amenities. Your REALTOR® will help identify what services and amenities the condo you are interested in comes with.

3) Manufactured Homes

The third and final route you can go to find affordable housing is to look into manufactured homes or what many people know as mobile homes. Manufactured homes come in many different shapes and sizes. People are often surprised by how nice many manufactured homes are and that many manufactured home parks come with many of the features of a condo.

In my practice of real estate, I have identified that most manufactured homes are located in a park where the home is owned but the land is leased. Like a condo, a manufactured home park may upkeep the park, the land, gardens, shrubberies, snow plowing, walkways, trash, common areas, pool, clubhouse, fitness center, and other amenities. Your REALTOR® can help you find wicked good deals on manufactured homes and can often do so for under $100,000.


I love helping clients buy and sell real estate because in the transaction, one size does not fit all, making every transaction unique. Many buyers are challenged with finding affordable housing and are uninformed of their options because they are not working with a quality REALTOR®. There is a housing option for you, whether it is in an affordable area, in a condo, or in a manufactured home and it is our job to find it for you!

Warm Regards,


Don't Make These 3 All Too Common Home Buyer Mistakes!

You are super-duper excited because you and your family have made the decision to find a new place you can call home. Yay! But before you make your big purchase, make sure you do not make these 3, all too common, homebuyer mistakes.

Mistake #1: Searching for your dream home before applying for a mortgage pre-approval.

You just concluded the most successful showing of your life and you know that this home is the one for you. You tell me “David, I want to buy this home!” You’re envisioning sipping some margs on that beautiful stone patio with the girls and taking a dip into that heated in-ground pool after a long day at work.

However, your dreams come to a screeching halt as I inform you an offer can’t be made. “What? Why?” you ask nervously. “I need a pre-approval letter from your lender. Have you called them yet?” I ask, already knowing your depressing answer. Your shoulders slouch forward and you raise your hand smacking yourself in the head knowing that your agent has told you to get pre-approved at least a thousand times (And he’s been counting).

Because of your negligence, the dream home of a lifetime falls under contract with another Buyer that is pre-approved and you’re going to have to find another home. This is not a good position to be in and you’re going to let everyone down, especially yourself.

If you are not pre-approved by a reputable mortgage lender you are simply a window shopper and not a real Buyer. When it comes time to submit an offer you have no ammunition to pull the trigger on that deal. Even worse, many Sellers won’t even let you in their home unless you can furnish a pre-approval letter.

So please, before we go look at homes, call your mortgage lender and get pre-approved!

Mistake #2: Assuming you need a 20% down payment or that your credit is not good enough.

Homeownership is one of the most rewarding feelings someone can have, but all too often I see people get robbed of their own dreams by assuming they need 20% down or assuming their credit is not good enough. Never assume these things when purchasing a home because, well, we all know the expression when someone assumes.

To give you some encouragement, I often see people who highly doubt their abilities to purchase real estate pleasantly surprised after speaking with a lender. Make the call to a few reputable mortgage lenders and the worse you’re going to hear is “no.”

Mistake #3: Waiting for the Unicorn.

As a master dealmaker, I will be the first to tell you that no one, ever, gets 100% of what they want in a home or in life. Why? Because here on Earth nothing is perfect and by accepting that reality you’re going to make it a lot easier on yourself when looking for a home.

Unless you have deep pockets to build a custom-built new construction home, you are probably going to purchase a home that you made a compromise on. For example, you come across a beautiful ocean-front property that’s priced to move but the kitchen does not have the exact cabinetry that you want.

You don’t have to purchase this home, but you may say to yourself “Wow, I love this home, I’m really digging the price, but I don’t like that ugly yellow cabinetry in the kitchen. Because everything else is on point, let’s submit an offer David, and later down the road, I’ll replace those awful kitchen cabinets.”

Being able to accept that nothing is perfect allows your mind to open up and see what you can do after purchasing the home to make it fit you and your needs just right. This is called potential. By waiting for the Unicorn property you will most likely never find the home you are looking for, many good homes will pass you by, and you’re going to end up tiring out and settling.

I know that after you read this article you are going to be more prepared than most Buyers out there which is going to make YOU more competitive in the market place. Sit down with your REALTOR and have a conversation with them to find a reputable mortgage lender for pre-approval and express to them your needs and wants, and explicitly distinguish the two. Once you do this, you have built a rock-solid foundation to begin your home search and I can not wait to see what you find!

Warmest regards,


Excitement or Fear? How To Have Peace Of Mind When Pricing Your Home

Blog Post: How to Have Peace of Mind When Pricing Your Home

Featured Agent Article Written by KFR REALTOR®: David Lovlien


You are about to place your beloved home on the market, your REALTOR® called you yesterday about placing a sign on the front lawn, but you are filled with fear because you are unsure about the selling price.


First off, don’t panic and take a deep breath. Feeling nervous about selling your home is normal. Every Seller that I know wants to make sure they they receive top dollar for their casa in this booming real estate market.


The first step to making sure your home is priced right is by hiring a quality REALTOR® that you trust. You may like your REALTOR® but if you do not trust them how can you be sure that your home is priced right?

Trusting your REALTOR® is crucial to a smooth transaction. Your REALTOR® is the professional that has experience making deals in your market, has scoured the MLS data to see what comparable properties are going for, and is a master negotiator and marketeer.

Unless you have extensive experience, training, and licensing in the real estate industry, you need to rely on your REALTOR® to price your home. Not listening to your REALTOR® would be like going into court without an attorney. The result is you lose. Your REALTOR® wants you to win big on the successful sale of your home because that’s who we are.

A quality REALTOR® who knows the market is going to crunch the numbers using a comparative market analysis, run the CMA by their team for an extensive review, and reveal to you the best price to list your home. This is the price you should sell your home for if you trust your REALTOR®.

By Pricing your home strategically and at market value you are only receiving 60% of Buyer viewership in the market place. Many Sellers are astounded when they hear this Statistic.

Before consulting with a REALTOR® many Sellers think they are getting near 100% of Buyer viewership, but they are wildly mistaken. By listing your home for only 10% above the market value, you are eliminating your Buyer viewership in half leaving your home to only be viewed by about 30% of Buyers (Not good).

By listing your home 10% below market value you are going to receive around 75% of Buyer viewership. This can be a great strategy especially if inventory is tight which may lead to a bidding war. During a bidding war, you may likely receive more money than you are originally asking as Buyers compete for your home.

If your home is priced right the offers will roll in during this sizzling hot Seller’s market here in the 603. There will be no need to have any fear as you have trusted your REALTOR® and know you are going to sell your home for top dollar! 

Warmest regards,


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Buying & Selling a Home During The Corona Virus

Blog Post: How to Buy or Sell a Home During The Corona Virus

The health, safety, and well-being of our clients is always our top priority. We understand this is a difficult time for many due to uncertainties surrounding the virus, however, if you are buying or selling a home, or were thinking about it before the virus started, don't let this discourage you!

Real estate has been deemed an essential service, and we are here to help every step of the way!

We will continue helping clients with all their real estate needs and we have several resources and ways to do so.


Buying and selling during this time:

In-Person Meetings & Home Showings - Our agents can continue to show homes in-person and have in-person meetings, while following social distancing and safety protocols. 

Video Calls & Meetings - If you are not comfortable meeting in-person, we can utilize video conferencing technology, including: Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, etc. 

360 & Virtual Reality Tours - We have the newest technology to explore inside properties from the comfort of your own home! 


360 Tours - These are online video walk-through tours found on our website. You can click through each room and explore a 360 view!

HOW TO USE: The picture shown of 18 Boynton Rd is a snapshot from one of our video tours. To explore each room, you click on the double arrows seen on the floor. The i, or information, button displays additional details about the space. To explore a 360 degree view, drag your cursor left, right, up, or down!


Click HERE to explore a 360 tour and see how it works!



  True Virtual Reality - This is by far the best (and most fun) way to tour available properties without actually leaving your home! Using a VR headset, you can step inside each room and look around from floors to ceilings! With a virtual reality headset, you will have a truly realistic experience of being inside each home.

HOW TO USE: If you are interested in using a VR headset to explore our true virtual reality tours, please contact us and we will help you with the process!

If you don't have a VR headset, you can borrow one of ours!


Sellers, you can utilize these tools too! If you're worried about listing your home during this uncertain time, consider the virtual options.  We can create a 360 & virtual tour for your home to ensure potential buyers will experience your property to the fullest!


We are fully prepared to help our clients in any way we can.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us during this time with any additional questions!